Surrounded of marvellous, miles long sandy beaches, emerald-green sea Sardinia will aspect you.
Spared from the mass tourism, with breath-taking intact nature and friendly people, culinary pleasures, antique places Sardinia is a secret tip for all poeple who search regeneration after a stressfull work year.

Our bike zone is the northern part of the island, the Gallura. One of the most beautiful holiday-spots in Sardinia, spared by mass tourism, with a marvellous nature, friendly people, culinary experiences and ancient archaeological sites.

Here we offer you Mountain- and Roadbike-Holidays.
The Gallura is unique - also under under the geological point of view. Hughe granite rocks shaped by wind and weather - fantastic forms as granite elephants, bears and elves are very particulary at Capo Testa, near Santa Teresa Gallura.
Leaving the coastal regions nestles fragrant Mediterranean to rolling hills in order to fight against domestic always denser stone and cork oak, and ever-higher peaks of the strategy.
The northern Highlights: the underwater nature reserve, the islands of Archipelago La Maddalena, Capo Testa - spectacular nature made of granite stones and rocks, the cork-oak forests, Wine & granite throughout in the inner Gallura - from Luogosanto up to Tempio Pausania and Mount Limbara - the highest mountain in Nordgallura, the Olivastri Millenari - 3500 year old Olive Treas at the Lake Liscia.

The North - the Gallura Sardinia - Gallura - in all Sardinia travel guides, whether online or printed, the Gallura is known as one of the most beautiful holiday regions of Sardinia and we have nothing to add. The entire north-eastern part of...

MTB Gallura Biking in the north of Sardinia is, unique landscapes and coast views. From our accommodations, the most beautiful beaches in northern Sardinia are reached quickly by bike or by car. For mountain ...

Roadbike Gallura Since autumn 2009, we organize with Sardinian heart, our insider knowledge and with a Sardinian-German team holidays for Roadbike Fans with the typical sardinian Touch.