Biketours & Roadbook

Sardinia is - Tortura Grandiosa

and where mountain biking is what it is: Mountainbiking. Narrow singletracks, rough gravel roads, steep climbs - and than views to a wonderful nature world - bizarre granit stone formations, turtles along the way - oh, yes: and the sea, the wonderful blue sea..

Johannes Schweikle
- Journalist on of german STERN Magazine

Biking in Sardinia

Around Luogosanto we offer you - except in the summer months from mid June to mid September - several times a week the opportunity to participate in guided mountain bike tours with our Sardinian Bike Guide Alessandro. He knows his territory from the hand and leads you safely through the Sardinian wilderness.

Furthermore, we provide your our own tours from our road books for mountain and road bike cycling.

Some GPS tours where recorded by some of our clients and posted on the web, we show you some direct links which can be downloaded.

Enjoy your bike tours in Sardinia....

Our Biketours

guided MTB Tours MTB Tours for Beginners our Tours for MTB Beginners has the focus on landscape, nature and wildlife, heritage, culture. You train while biking your technique and build your fitness. On these tours...

Roadbook & GPS Tours GalluraBikePoint - Sardinia - Here we present you as a free service several tours from our own road-book to downoad (will follow soon) Have fun

 Only with our guides you drive on paths
and trails that only the Sardinian shepherds and their
 Cattle known - you cant found them on any map
 or road book.